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History of the Glen Este Youth Program

Glen Este Youth was originally named West Clermont Youth Football and Cheer

West Clermont was formed as a way to help build the football and cheerleading tradition in West Clermont.

In 2007 West Clermont Football and Cheer changed to Glen Este Youth Football and Cheer. The decision was made to bond the youth program with the local Middle and High School brand. Although it is not affiliated with the school programs it helps bring more recognition to the overall area.

Glen Este Youth is not only about turning the young men and women in Union Township into great football players and cheerleaders but also about turning them into outstanding adults that will lead us into tomorrow. It is important in today’s society that children are lead in the right direction and GEYFC prides itself on the path that it provides to our future leaders.

The Glen Este Youth board is selected by their peers and represents all aspects of the community. Many of which worked their way up through the West Clermont Youth system themselves only to return and give their time back to the community. Glen Este Youth holds monthly meetings where everyone is welcomed to attend. After five consecutive meetings you earn the right to vote.  With this right, everyone is part of the organization. Board positions are open to any member in good standing and having voting right. Coaches are selected by the board after a detailed background investigation and face to face interviews with the President and Vice Presidents. After completion of this process the selection of the coaches is announced at the monthly board meetings.

Glen Este Football has established many Super Bowl Champion Teams over the years and continues to pride itself as being one of the top tier youth football programs in Cincinnati.

The cheerleading program has been rewarded with a National Championship team and many more teams that have finished in the top 10 of the country. Glen Este Cheer continues to be one of the TOP cheer programs in all of Ohio and is always looking forward to a challenge.

Both football and cheerleading are part of SOYFAI, Southern Ohio Youth Football Association, and must adhere to their rules and guidelines. This is one of the most competitive leagues in the state and continues to exceed the standards of youth football.

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